Saturday, July 07, 2012

The shy housewife behind "Fifty Shades of Grey..."

As the writer of the most successful erotic novel in history, one would imagine that EL James lounges around in a kittenish silk negligee, perhaps dangling a leather bondage whip from her perfectly manicured fingers. The reality is rather different, however. The author of the ''mummy porn’’ book, Fifty Shades of Grey – which last week became the fastest selling adult paperback novel in history – is a middle-aged married woman living in a modest semi-detached red-brick house in a rather unfashionable area of west London. Instead of a leopard skin-clad dominatrix, she resembles a suburban school dinner lady.

While the heroine of her book, the virginal college girl Anastasia, eventually wins her damaged Prince Charming, the rich and handsome Christian Grey, a bondage-addicted billionaire, EL James is more likely to be found in fluffy pink slippers than fluffy pink handcuffs.

The author has gained a reputation for being somewhat reclusive. She has only given a handful of interviews, and rarely appears in public – her first British publicity event only took place this week.

 For behind the erotic persona of EL James is a modest 49-year-old, with the name of Erika Mitchell. She lives near Ealing, with a husband of some 20 years and two teenage sons. The Daily Telegraph can reveal that, while she publicised her bestseller yesterday in Amsterdam, her husband, Niall Leonard was at home dog-sitting the family Westie, Max. Full story...

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