Saturday, July 07, 2012

Heavy flooding washes up 500 dead bodies from cemetery in Nigerian city!!!

A heavy rainfall in Maiduguri, Borno State capital, from Wednesday evening till the early hours of yesterday, has displaced over 10,000 residents, with property worth millions of naira destroyed.

In Jajeri Moslem Cemetery in Maiduguri and Jere Council Area, over 500 dead bodies were washed up from their graves. A 10-year-old, who was buried two days ago, was also washed up.

The rainfall, which started at 5.00pm, Wednesday, stopped at 7.00pm; continued again by 2.00am till 6.00am, yesterday. The down-pour was said to be the heaviest in the state since the commencement of the rainy season.

The most affected areas are: Bullumkutu, Ajillari, Jajeri, London Ciki, Polo, Bolori, Ummarari, Maduganari, Gomari Airport, Gwange and Mary wards of the metropolis. Most of the residents in these areas had to stay indoors. Others were seen evacuating their property and laying the items under the sun and on trees to dry. Full story...

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