Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Girl in Vietnam spontaneously sets fire to things around her...

The case of an 11-year-old girl in HCM City's Tan Binh District claimed to have supernatural fire-starting powers is continuing to baffle scientists.

The girl, whose family claims she has an unusual mental power that can cause objects to burst into flames, has drawn a great deal of attention from the Vietnamese media.

The girl's father said he first became aware of that his child was unusual when the family home's electrical network suffered several short circuits, about a month ago. Electricians were called to fix the short circuit but could not find the cause behind the power failures.

He said the girl was taken to other houses where the same phenomenon took place each time. Her mattresses, fans and other equipment have burst into flames. The hotel room where her family stayed two weeks ago during their holiday on Vung Tau beach also suffered burns from a blaze. Full story...

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