Saturday, June 23, 2012

3 men in Zambia rape a chickent to death! WTF!

Three men in Kapiri Mposhi district in Zambia are alleged to have raped a chicken until it died in a case of suspected witchcraft.

The three named men, aged 80, 66 and 35 years, are believed to have taken turns in having canal knowledge of a hen which later died yesterday.

Liombe Village headwoman, Loveness Chimbuleni, confirmed the incident to ZANIS today, saying the three have since been reported to police.

Headwoman Chimbuleni said the three were discovered with the dead chicken in the room where they are alleged to have abused it.

She said the dead chicken was discovered with its canal cavity widely ruptured with some suspected male semen oozing out of it. Full story...

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