Saturday, May 05, 2012

Boss in Dubai witholds his passport, so his sister in Kerala weds his bride on his behalf!!!

A wedding without a groom goes ahead in all its splendour as the man's sister ties the knot on his behalf.

Now, would you call this a marraige?

Kamalesh Chandran, 26, with dreams in his eyes was all set to fly from Dubai to wed his sweetheart but had to return to his accomodation after having waited for hours at the airport expecting to get his passport.

Chandran works at a furniture company in Al Barsha, Dubai, could not reach the marriage venue in Kerala, on time (Thursday May 3, 2012), because his female boss did not release his passport.

And so, at the pre-destined time Chandran's sister (Kavitha) tied the holy knot on his behalf. And thus 20-year-old Shari Krishna became his wife, he believes. Full story...

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