Wednesday, May 09, 2012

600 teachers in Indian district become "deaf" to avoid transfers!!!

Six hundred teachers employed at zilla parishad schools in Yavatmal district have gone to extreme lengths to avoid being transferred. All of them have submitted identical certificates claiming that they are "deaf", and therefore, ineligible for transfer to other schools in the district.

 As per the law, teachers who have completed five years in one tehsil are due for transfer anywhere in the district. This year, there were 900 teachers to be transferred, of which around 600 are now claiming to be deaf. Officials say that they have taken advantage of a rule, which states that a physically handicapped person, with a deformity of 40% or more, cannot be shifted without his or her consent. Of course, all the teachers have claimed that their deformity is more than 40%, leaving officials wondering how they were able to conduct classes for five years without a single hitch. The 'deaf' teachers are attached to 2,146 zilla parishad schools in Yavatmal district, hometown of state Congress president Manikrao Thakre. Full story...

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