Sunday, March 18, 2012

Egyptian woman exhausts husband with sex, stabs him to death, and feeds his body to dogs and cats...

AN EGYPTIAN woman had sex with her husband all the night to exhaust him, waited for him to feel asleep and stabbed him to death. She then cut his body into little pieces and fed them to cats and dogs.

 The woman, who was arrested two weeks after the murder, told police she decided to murder her man because he had persistently mistreated her.

It also took her nearly two weeks to plan for the murder. After surfing through the internet for a good plot that could elude police, she found that the best way is to exhaust him by having sex with him all the night so he will fall asleep.

The woman, a tour guide, said she carried out that plan to the letter and that it did work.

Her husband Adel Abdullah, also a tour guide in the central town of Minya, was worn out and was fast asleep after a full night sexual session. Full story...

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