Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Olympic VIPs will be whisked around London in 4,000 BMWs – so much for the 'green Games'!

They have been billed as the ‘greenest’ Olympic Games in history, with spectators urged to abandon their cars and embrace public transport.

But a row has erupted after it emerged that thousands of VIPs will travel to events in London this summer in a rather more luxurious style.

BMW is to ship 4,000 brand-new luxury vehicles in from Germany to escort dignitaries and officials in a move described as ‘lunatic’ by critics.

The enormous fleet will include more than 3,000 BMW 3 and 5 Series saloons. Parked end to end, this would equate to a ten-mile tailback.

However, traffic should not be a problem for the VIPs who will cruise along specially reserved ‘games lanes’ near the venues. Full story...

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