Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Sydney agency selling Chinese virgin for $15,000!!!

A SYDNEY escort agency is offering the virginity of a teenage girl for $15,000, prompting outraged community groups to describe the move as "putting women's liberation back centuries".

An investigation by sex industry consulting firm Brothel Busters has found MyOutCall Australia is offering the Chinese 19-year old student for four days in exchange for the $15,000 sum.

Brothel Busters has found the escort agency wants $2000 to be paid as a deposit, with the balance to be paid on receipt of services from the girl, who is claimed to be at Sydney University.

Contacted by the Daily Telegraph yesterday, a manager at MyOutCall identifying himself as "Duncan" said it was a "genuine offer".

"This is pretty common in Sydney," he claimed, adding he had "two clients who are very interested". Full story...

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