Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Spanish cemetery warns of evictions for non-paying "tenants!"

Pushed for space, a Spanish cemetery has begun placing stickers on thousands of burial sites with lapsed leases as a warning to relatives that their ancestors face possible eviction.

Jose Abadia, deputy urban planning manager for Zaragoza in Spain's northeast, said today that the city's Torrero graveyard had already removed remains from some 420 crypts, and reburied them in common ground.

He said the cases involved graves whose leases had not been renewed for 15 years or more. Torrero, like many Spanish cemeteries, no longer allows people to buy grave sites, instead leasing them out for periods of five or 49 years.

Abadia said 7,000 of the graveyard's 114,000 burial sites leases had run out, many of which occurred because relatives — or caretakers — had died themselves, or moved house and failed to renew the contract. Full story...

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