Sunday, November 13, 2011

Shanghai hosts China's first "Marriage and Love Expo" for lonely hearts...

On a sunny day on the outskirts of Shanghai on Sunday, 20,000 hopeful, curious and in some cases desperate Chinese gathered for the world's largest dating event.

But it would be misjudging the mood to say love was in the air.

Instead, in a business convention centre, a stream of pragmatic men and women briskly exchanged vital statistics and contact details.

Lonely hearts advertisements pinned on the wall gave a taste of the proceedings. "Reference: W004763, Name: Yao Qin, Height: 1.63m, Date of Birth: 07.1987," read one. "Lives in Shanghai, has a university degree, annual income 20,000 to 50,000 yuan."

 Like New York or London, Shanghai has become a city of career-obsessed workaholics, the organisers said, leaving many people with little time to find their perfect match. Full story...

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