Monday, October 24, 2011

Meet Moses Nderitu, "the loo-king of Nairobi".

Moses Nderitu, a former television producer who has made a fortune out of managing other people's waste, proudly describes himself on his Twitter account as "the loo-king of Nairobi".

The inspiration for his business came when he was shooting an advert on location in South Africa.

"These little trailers came and they said 'Those are the toilet facilities' and I thought, 'That's a good idea,'" he told the BBC's series African Dream.


And what advice would he give to people who want to start a business but are afraid to take the plunge?

"I don't understand fear because all fear does is it stops you from achieving your real potential. So what you should do is just get on with it," Mr Nderitu replies.

"If you get on with it and you fail, that's actually a good learning because then next time you know what not to do.

"But if you don't get started, then you'll always believe that 'I could have done it' but you'll have nothing to show for it." Full story...

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