Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Get paid to slap your erring husband! Indian minister offers Rs 1000 per slap...

Slap your alcoholic or wife-beating husband in public and get a cash reward of Rs 1,000 per whack — up to a maximum of Rs 10,000.

That’s the “incentive scheme” an Andhra Pradesh minister is offering harassed wives in his constituency, Kurnool, provided they turn up with eyewitnesses to their act.

Minor irrigation minister T.G. Venkatesh, who is an industrialist to boot, claims to have “redeemed” the slaps of 210 women over the past six months, paying them out of his own pocket.

He wants the Andhra Pradesh government to adopt and implement the scheme across the state, though his bureaucrats have told him this cannot be done.

“We can name it ‘Pati, Patni and Rs 1,000 Scheme’,” the Congress minister joked today. Then, remembering his party’s ways, he added: “But we don’t want to prefix ‘Rajiv Gandhi’ to it.” Full story...

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