Wednesday, July 06, 2011

More killings in Syria as troops shoot dead 22 people in Hama...

Syrian troops killed at least 22 people in an assault on the flashpoint central city of Hama that prompted US calls for an immediate pullback, human rights activists said on Wednesday.

Troops also wounded more than 80 people as they pushed through improvised roadblocks put up by residents after massive anti-government protests in the city of some 800,000 people, the National Organisation for Human Rights said.

"The wounded are being treated in two hospitals in Hama," the rights group's chairman Ammar Qurabi told AFP in Nicosia, adding that troops had entered the Al-Hurani hospital.


London-based watchdog Amnesty International accused the authorities of committing crimes against humanity in its deadly crackdown on the unprecedented anti-government protests that have swept the country since mid-March.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that the body of one of those killed in Tuesday's assault had been dumped in the Orontes (Assi) river in Hama, which is famous for its ancient watermills. Full story...

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