Monday, July 25, 2011

Bar girls in Mumbai beat up raiding cops!!!

When 25 policemen barged into a "shut" bar at Saki Naka early on Sunday to stop "illegal goings-on", they had no idea what was to follow. Within minutes of entering the place, the employees, including six bar girls, charged at the cops and beat them up, leaving two constables injured.

Around 2.30 am, a police van patrolling the Andheri-Kurla Road got suspicion when they heard noises coming from beyond the closed doors of Night Lovers' Bar. They immediately called up the MIDC police who sent a team of 25 to the site. As they knocked on the gate, bar employees opened the door, apparently thinking that new customers had come in; however, both sides were in for a surprise. Those at the watering hole were caught unawares by the policemen, who in turn, were shocked to see women gyrating to raunchy music and some clients "busy" with other women in small cabins. They even witnessed a man, who later turned out to be the bar owner, forcing two girls to have sex with two clients.

 As the policemen tried to stop the activities and round up the bar employees, the staff members, bar girls as well as some customers charged upon them. "On seeing the policemen, six girls who were on dance floor and the bar owner, Laljisingh Thakur, ran towards the policemen. Other employees, including and a few customers also joined in and 51 of them together started raining blows on the cops," inspector Mohan Waghmare said. More...

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