Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ban Ki-Moon 'tries to censor criticism of UN'

A damning report on Ban Ki-Moon has suggested he is overly secretive, tries to censor criticism and allows backroom deals to dictate who gets some top UN jobs, days after he was granted a second term.

The UN Secretary-General is accused of presiding over an "opaque" system, in which senior officials are hired after vacancies are not properly advertised and applicants' backgrounds are not always checked.

Mr Ban, who was eased into a second term earlier this month with no opposition, has not increased transparency in hiring practices, a report by the Joint Inspection Unit (JIU) found.

 When confronted with its findings, his office attempted to make changes that "simply eviscerate the entire report" and demanded that their comments on it be kept secret, it said. More...

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