Monday, January 24, 2011

Foreign diplomats rack up £1million in parking fines in Central London!!!

Foreign diplomats have clocked up more than £1 million in unpaid parking fees in central London, council bosses revealed today.

Figures show that more than 60 per cent of embassy-owned cars failed to pay for tickets issued for parking illegally in Westminster.

In a list of worst 20 offending embassies Kazakhstan comes out top with its vehicles owing more than £189,640 in fines generated from 1,715 unpaid tickets while the Sudanese embassy is second, clocking up £108,240 in fines for 1,005 unpaid tickets.

Afghanistan, China and Saudi Arabia make up the rest of the top five and between them owe £207,100 from almost 2,000 unpaid tickets.

The most prolific offender is a Kazakhstan diplomat who drives a black BMW 318i and owes £53,820 for 471 tickets, while two Sudanese diplomats owe almost £56,320 between them after dodging 544 tickets . More...

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