Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Singapore woman sacrifices husband to care for stray dogs!!!

HER love for stray dogs was so strong that even her hubby had to play second fiddle.

Fed up, he issued an ultimatum – either the dogs went, or he did.

After six months of deliberation, Ms Zeng Yuqing, 42, chose the dogs that she had adopted in Johor, reported Malaysian daily China Press.

That was 10 years ago. The couple then divorced. “If he loves me, he should accept me for who I am,” said Ms Zeng, a Singaporean.

Besides, she reasoned, her hubby could take care of himself, but the stray dogs had no one to turn to if she abandoned them.
At that time, she had about 10 stray dogs in her rented house in Kempas Anggerik, about 10km from Johor Baru city centre. Over a decade, that number has swelled to 200. More...

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