Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lunch knife is NOT a weapon! Nanny state gets a kick in the ass in Delaware...

A six-year-old boy went back to school yesterday with a smile on his face, a minor legislative victory to his credit and a multi-use camping utensil stored out of harm’s way at home.

Zachary Christie, the latest poster boy for a movement to soften zero-tolerance rules on weapons in American schools, had been suspended from his elementary school for 45 days and ordered to attend a special establishment for wayward children.

His offence: a “Level 3” violation of the school’s code of conduct on the possession, concealment or sale of dangerous instruments.

In Zachary’s case, the instrument was a folding knife, fork and spoon with an orange plastic handle. He had used it to eat meals for much of the summer and wanted to eat lunch with it at school. More...

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