Friday, August 21, 2009

In London, you can eat sushi off naked models!!!

Adventurous Londoners are now able to eat sushi off naked female models - but the cost of sampling the traditional Nyotaimori experience comes at a high cost.

Nyotaimori - translated as 'female body presentation' - has been the preserve of the Japanese elite for generations, but now an enterprising British duo has introduced it to London. 

Despite the credit crunch-defying price of £250 per head, founder Nigel Carlos said there was a "need in the market for it."

Mr Carlos, who started up the venture with Japanese-raised Nick Hepburn, added: "There's obviously high end Japanese restaurants out there, however there is no mainstream, or anybody doing it right or authentically in the UK. We saw an opportunity to bring this kind of traditional dining to London for adventurous London diners." More...

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