Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Indonesian maid in Singapore jailed for baby abuse...

A Singapore court on Tuesday sentenced an Indonesian maid to nine months in jail for abusing her employer's baby, a news report said.

Identified only as Etik, 25, the maid pleaded guilty to pushing, slapping, shaking and kicking the 2-month-old boy on January 25 last year.

She had been employed since November 2007 and was recorded by closed-circuit television pushing the baby's groin and slapping his leg while he lay crying on the sofa, the online edition of Straits Times newspaper reported.

She then put the baby in a sarong cradle, kicked the sarong and used her leg to swing on the cradle, the report said.

Later, the maid kicked the victim's buttocks once and swung the cradle vigorously, the report said.


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