Monday, December 01, 2008

Disney cartoons have subliminal sex and satanic messages?


  1. see 'the arrivals' on youtube while you can or download the torrent files at mininova. Outstanding drawn out documentary on occultism / satanism in disney, government, religion, culture, etc. A must see!
    The music gets repetitive but it's worth a look. Some new info and perspective. Like 9/11 was picked because it leaves out the number 10 which represents God. Includes a slowed down view of Alladin scenes of the devil, among other Disney tricks...see episode 30-31 esp.

  2. Thanks, anonymous. I have the link and will be watching it soon...

  3. Yes i second anonymous...MashAllah i loved The arrivals...they opened my mind to research so many things...Truth doesnt fear investigation!!!!