Thursday, November 13, 2008

Woman divorces husband who cheated with someone on ... Second Life!!!

A British woman who caught her husband having virtual sex is filing for divorce. 

Amy Taylor, who is 28-years-old, has cited unreasonable behaviour in the court papers and described how she walked in on her husband having sex with another woman on the online world Second Life. 

Taylor met her husband of 3 years, David Pollard, in an internet chatroom in May 2003. 

After 6 months of swapping photos online, emailing and phoning, she moved from London to Cornwall, where the two spent many happy hours on Second Life - she as her alter ego Laura Skye, and he as his avatar Dave Barmy. 

But things went wrong when she discovered her 40-year old, unemployed husband having an "affair" with another Second Lifer.  More...

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