Saturday, September 27, 2008

What Nature magazine thinks of Obama and McCain!!! Hilarious!

Has the American presidential campaign gone to the dogs?

One could be forgiven for thinking so after seeing the latest issue of Nature magazine.

The world's leading scientific journal has featured a powerful image of John McCain and Barack Obama on its front cover. The pair radiate statesmanlike-authority, the image is suitably sombre for the weighty interview inside.

Then, however, you see the back cover.

In an unfortunate choice, advertisers placed there an image of two labrador pups - one black, one golden, in an uncanny mirror image of the grave image on the front.

The dogs strike eerily similar poses to Barack Obama, the first black American presidential candidate for a major political party, and his Republican rival John McCain, tanned golden brown from the Arizona sun.

The journal swears it is horrified by the coincidence.

 "We didn't know until the issue landed on our desks," Nature pleaded to the media. 

"It just goes to show that editorial and advertising aren't working in cahoots."


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