Monday, September 01, 2008

Jealous pastor goes berserk as threesome sex frolic goes awry!!!

A church minister from Stockholm has been charged with assaulting his wife after an amorous threesome spiralled out of control, Metro reports.

The Church of Sweden pastor, his wife and a male acquaintance came together one evening in June to share a meal and a few friendly drinks. After the meal, the trio retired to the sauna and soon became engaged in a series of sex games. 

But as the evening began to heat up, the minister is alleged to have become increasingly jealous. Tensions flared and the couple's guest fled the house as the pastor started to beat his wife. 

The churchman has admitted to a degree of assault but denies kicking his wife in the genitals and slamming her head against the floor. 

News of the alleged crime has also reached the church authorities. If found guilty, the pastor is likely to lose both his job and his clerical collar.


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