Sunday, July 27, 2008

Singapore's Wicked Chocs proposes Kama Sutra chocolate! Wow!

Satin smooth, deliciously creamy, sweet and sensuous – Wicked Chocs epitomizes the way good chocolate should be. Completely confectioned in Singapore, each little piece of heaven not only looks amazing, but tastes spectacular, with a fruity aroma and subtle hint of woodiness. What makes Wicked Chocs stand out from the competition is the variety of unique and somewhat eccentric flavours the pralines come in. Wasabi, sesame, green tea, kaya – all these are just the tip of the iceberg.

Started at the end of 2005, Wicked Chocs aims to produce 100% made in Singapore chocolates using state of the art tempering equipment and ingredients from all over the world. The designs come from Italy and France, the fillings from Belgium, Mexico and Japan, and the nuts from Australia and USA. It is clear a lot of effort goes into the manufacture of these sweet treats. More...

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