Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ladies, don't damage your breasts; get the right bra...

Millions of women are damaging their breasts by wearing ill-fitting bras, according to a new study.

Scientists say most bras do not give enough support to prevent irreparable and painful stretching of ligaments during exercise.

Up to 95 per cent of women are thought to be at risk - mostly because they are ignorant or embarrassed about their true bra size, researchers say.

The findings come from treadmill tests carried out on 100 women by Portsmouth University sports scientist Dr Joanna Scurr.

She found that breasts typically move up to 21 cm - or eight inches - and jiggle around in every direction while a women is running. However, most bras are designed to limit just vertical movement. 

Dr Scurr - who has tested 50 bra designs on hundreds of women over the last three years - believes the speed at which breasts move could be the key to preventing breast pain and damage to fragile ligaments.  More...

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