Saturday, June 28, 2008

This should piss off all soccer fans!! Hilarious!

Hoot! Hoot! On holiday in Brussels last weekend, I was walking contentedly along a quiet street in the late evening when - Hoot! Hoot! - one car after - Honk! Honk! - another rattled by, each one jam-packed with oversized people thrusting themselves out of the windows and roofs, waving scarves and hands and yelling triumphantly.

When cars honk and hoot and drunks squeeze out of car windows and scream, you can be sure that football is in the air. It turned out that we were in the middle of something called Euro 2008. Turkey had been playing Croatia, or Russia had been playing Spain, or Italy had been playing the Netherlands, or any combination of the above. The fat people in the cars were taking the credit; however blubbery or oafish, football supporters always like to take credit for their team's victory. More...

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