Saturday, June 07, 2008

Benjamin Bolger,the man who has 11 degrees, working on 6 more; and he's dyslexic!!

Benjamin B. Bolger's story seems like a hoax. At age 32, he says, he has just earned his 11th advanced degree: a doctorate that Harvard University awarded him on Thursday.

He distributed a news release for the occasion, proclaiming himself the most credentialed person "in modern history." The release lists 10 master's degrees, in various disciplines, from Oxford, Cambridge, Stanford, Columbia (two), Harvard, Brown, Dartmouth, Brandeis, and Skidmore—as well as 14 other colleges where he has taught in the past decade.

Mr. Bolger's unlikely story has another twist: He is dyslexic. He titles his tale "The Boy Who Couldn't Read Gets a Doctorate from Harvard." More...

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