Thursday, May 29, 2008

Britain is now "worse than Iraq..."

The 27-year-old hero spoke out as the country was rocked by yet another 24 hours of vicious attacks. The horror toll in the last few days includes:

FIFTEEN knife thugs slashing at customers as two drug gangs battled in a family pub in Bickley, Kent — leaving two men fighting for life and the bar looking "like an abattoir".

A PUB landlord being stabbed by three thieves in nearby Sidcup. Harry Potter actor Rob Knox, 18, was killed trying to protect his brother from a yob in the town on Saturday.

A MARRIED man aged 31 being stabbed to death by a baying mob who smashed his car and hauled him out in Bradford, West Yorks.

THREE boys aged 12, 13, and 15 being quizzed over the killing of Amar Aslam, 17, in Dewsbury, West Yorks — including one alleged to have taken a picture as Amar lay dying.

FATHER-of-two Alan Riddock, 41, being stabbed to death when he challenged vandals at a pub in Bedminster, Bristol. More...

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