Saturday, April 12, 2008

Flash mobs, frozen, Anonymous and Rickmobs!

Once upon a time, there were flash mobs, a small crowd that suddenly gathered at a pre-arranged location, doing some silly stuff to some unsuspecting victim. And then this evolved into the frozen mob, where a larger crowd froze at a pre-arranged signal, like the one at New York’s Central Station.

And now, here comes Rickmob (watch video below), where a crowd simply rickrolls at a pre-arranged signal.
While all this can be hilarious at times, yet there’s something scary about a large group of people behaving in a certain manner at a given signal, like sheep following a sheep-dog, or soldiers obeying orders.

And I even wonder if the actions against the Church of Scientology by the group calling itself Anonymous were nothing more than flash mob-like “protests” to see how crowds can be manipulated.

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