Friday, February 25, 2011

Bolivian town kidnaps own soccer team!!!

At 13,000 feet, Estadio Los Andes in Bolivia is one of the highest soccer stadiums in the world. It is also the only one to my knowledge that has been the scene of a mass kidnapping this season. All 43 players, coaches and personnel of the La Paz FC pro soccer team were locked into their stadium for more than four hours on Wednesday; prevented from leaving by fans who were protesting the league’s decision to hold a scheduled home game across town at a larger stadium. Yes, correct: the team’s own fans held them “hostage.”

LFPB (Bolivia’s Football Association) closed the stadium this week, saying that the ground was was unsafe. This despite the fact that the Condor Men had already played two matches there. Faced with trekking across town for home games, local fans decided to padlock the gates … with their team still inside. La Paz FC had just finished practice when the discovered that they weren’t going anywhere. Among complaints by fans is that the other stadium is difficult to get to, and that local businesses will suffer without the games. More...

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