Tuesday, June 08, 2010

When Hitler was worshipped as Vishnu in India!!!

If Britain-based historian Nicholas Goodricke-Clarke is to be believed, German Fuhrer Adolf Hitler was ''compared to Kalki, the last avatar of Vishnu'' by an Indian spiritualist, practitioner of occult and Nazi sympathiser from Kolkata, Savitri Devi.

Hitler was even worshipped in elite Bengali homes in Kolkata, says the writer at a time when Bollywood actor Anupam Kher will be essaying the role of the Nazi dictator in a new biopic to be directed by Rakesh Ranjan.

In 1982, Ernst Zundel, the founder-proprietor of the Neo-Nazi Samisdat Publishers in Toronto, brought out in a card-flyer announcing the availability of two five-hour recorded cassettes of live interviews with a spiritualist and the out-of-print edition of Savitri Devi's book, "The Lightning and the Sun". More...

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