Friday, October 02, 2009

Swedish parents allowed to name their son Q...

Overturning two previous rulings by lower courts, the Swedish Supreme Administrative Court has awarded two parents from central Sweden the right to name their son Q.

Parents of a Jämtland boy learned on Wednesday that they may now legally name their son Q, following a ruling by the Swedish Supreme Administrative Court (Regeringsrätten).

The couple had already been twice overruled in their battle to retain the quizzical first name, first by the county administrative court (Länsrätten) and later, by the administrative court of appeal (Kammarrätten).

The higher court grounded its decision in the fact that “it has not been proven that the name Q may cause offence, or that it may lead to discomfort for the bearer of the name [...] there is also no reason why Q is obviously inappropriate as a first name.” More...

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