Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Hong Kong schoolboy, 12, offers himself as gigolo!!!

 Police in Hong Kong Monday were investigating a 12-year-old schoolboy who posted naked pictures of himself online and offered himself as a gigolo for women as old as 45.The boy gave himself the nickname Little Leung and offered sexual services to “females between the ages of 10 and 45″ on an adult friendship forum, the Hong Kong Standard reported.

His bizarre advertisement, which included a photograph of his private parts, described him as a Christian and offered to “make love” to girls and women for 450 Hong Kong dollars ($58).

Outraged internet users published the boy’s personal details online and threatened to report him to the secondary school where he is a first-year pupil.

The schoolboy’s identity was revealed by a process known in China as “human search engine” in which internet users pool resources and information to track a person down.

After he was unmasked, the boy Saturday posted an online appeal to his principal and teachers not to expel him from school, the Standard said.

Police said they were investigating the case but said no arrests or charges had been made. Soliciting for an immoral purpose carries a maximum six-month jail sentence in Hong Kong for adult offenders.


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