Thursday, August 28, 2008

Here's one blogger's opinion as to why Indian athletes don't shine...

Suresh Kalmadi is one good reason.

According to today's Times of India, The Indian Olympics Association President, who had nothing to do with Abhinav Bindra's, Vijender Kumar's and Sushil's Kumar's medals, and who will, no doubt, best remember this year's Olympics for his tour of China, tried to position his posterior on a seat reserved for medalist Sushil Kumar at a felicitation ceremony for the sporststar at Rashtrapati Bhawan yesterday.

When Kalmadi was told to scram, he 'left in a huff.' (To steal Vijender Kumar's seat?)

Kalmadi found other ways to show the sportsmen his appreciation; to prove to them that they were valued by their country, and that their lifetime of sweat and blood had, in fact, been worth it.

For the felicitation ceremony, he had them booked at a two star hotel in Delhi (apparently changed to a four star, when the media got wind of it). And while he and his buddies flew to China and back on business class, our medallists and all our other hard working and dedicated sportsmen and women were shoved into economy. Questioned about this, one of the officials said 'there were no seats available (in business). When we offered (Sushil and Vijender) our seats, they refused.'

Because they have class enough for all of you?


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