Thursday, July 26, 2012

Shocked to find wife working as prostitute in red-light district!!!


The guard went out and returned accompanied by a woman whom to the shock of the man, was his wife.

The man angrily demanded to know what his skimpily dressed wife was doing at the nightspot and grabbed her by the scruff of her blouse, spilling the drinks that were in his the table in the process.

“The woman screamed at the top of her voice, when her husband slapped her hard on the face. Bouncers had to step in, they separated the couple and threw them out,” reports the watchman.

“You lied to me that you work as a mobile money attendant in a stall that operates 24 hours,” the man shouted at his wife, who was also demanding to know why he was looking for a commercial sex worker.

Apparently the lady who worked at an MPESA outlet that operates 24 hours used to secretly hustle on the side by entertaining other men at a fee. The husband all along believed that she was on night duty at her workstation. Full story...

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1 comment:

  1. Why was she really working?
    Was it the money?
    Is she a nympho?
    Why couldn't she tell him the truth?
    She's better off without him. She can keep the money, work when she wants and not have a drainer like this telling her what to do.
    Violet Ivy, Author, Lucky Girl - How I Survived the Sex Industry